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AERL lab facilities

The AERL is a well equipped research facility, with a wide range of infrastructure to accommodate both pure and applied research. Included are 8 operational mass spectrometers, most of which modified for direct mass spectrometry measurements and method development, often with membrane introduction sampling platforms. The group has several field deployable MIMS systems, including two ion trap based instruments for online air and water measurements, and a prototype underwater system. Also present in the laboratory are chromatographic capabilities (HPLC, IC and GC), as well as a total total carbon and nitrogen analyzer. Recent acquisitions include a stereolithographic 3D printer for miniature interface development, a Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight MS, a transportable ESI/APCI tandem MS and a variety of on-line air quality monitoring systems (particulates, methane, carbon dioxide, ozone and NOx) associated with our CFI funded Mobile Mass Spectrometry Laboratory project.; We are currently moving to a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry research facility in the new Health and Sciences Building at Vancouver Island University. This expanded footprint will enable critical infrastructure and research program growth in a wide range of areas, including environmental, food safety and clinical diagnostic analytical method and application development.