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Dr. Erik Krogh, P. Chem

Submitted by Michael Boquist on December 8, 2016 - 4:12pm
Professor of Chemistry and Co-Director of the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories

NSERC Discovery Grant holder since 2004

Novel environmental applications

4 patents on 3 inventions

Supervised over 100 HQP

My research program addresses important environmental chemistry questions using emerging mass spectrometry (MS) techniques that enable the direct and continuous measurement of molecular determinants of environmental and human health.

Dr. Krogh has expertise in physical organic and environmental chemistry that has contributed to the understanding of the fate and distribution of contaminants in the environment, providing effective assessments of both air and water quality. He has worked on fundamental studies involving membrane transport kinetics and applied MIMS to the in situ monitoring of reaction dynamics of hydrocarbons and halogenated compounds in natural waters and the atmosphere[19,20,38]. His expertise has contributed to improved mass transport through polymer membranes, better analytical performance characteristics (e.g., sensitivity and response times) and adapting on-line techniques for in situ chemical monitoring.